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     This page holds the archive of mods and resources to operate on the Holland family’s Minecraft server. This is the Java edition and with that said it does not auto download required mods to keep client and server compatibility. Server:  A605D9D5F9A51A46053551890C686B8DD  

Josef H.
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The Base Build for my new computer

Josef H.

     Was just playing some SUPER HOT and really enjoy the game. So I went ahead and recorded my SPEEDRUN CHALLENGE levels and show them off just for fun.

Josef H.
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I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find what i would consider a good web host and domain name service provider. I have used all kinds of services as well, GoDaddy, 1and1, ehost, JustHost, and many more who’s names i cannot even remember any more. With these service providers there where usually some good and bad things and I haven’t used quite a few of them in a while but i can tell you what i do remember about them. – When i used them my username was based off of my customer number and didn’t have a real login name as most people do with an email address or self chosen name; Really wasn’t a good experience in that respect to me. As far as their primary site….. media is nice, but if your page is blown up with media it looks overly tacky and crowded. […]