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I have spent quite a bit of time trying to find what i would consider a good web host and domain name service provider. I have used all kinds of services as well, GoDaddy, 1and1, ehost, JustHost, and many more who’s names i cannot even remember any more. With these service providers there where usually some good and bad things and I haven’t used quite a few of them in a while but i can tell you what i do remember about them. – When i used them my username was based off of my customer number and didn’t have a real login name as most people do with an email address or self chosen name; Really wasn’t a good experience in that respect to me. As far as their primary site….. media is nice, but if your page is blown up with media it looks overly tacky and crowded. Hell even going to look at their website now, so many different links in their menus trying to push so many services, it is truly ridiculous in my opinion. As far as their pricing goes, I feel that they are over priced and i can’t stand that they are following suit with these ridiculous pricing strategies. The one in which they want to charge you huge prices for monthly and steep discounts on yearly plans, if they offered a more competitive monthly rate i’m sure they could triple their monthly user base and income. So GoDaddy is a no go for me. – I had used them a while back, but i can tell you that my experience with them was pretty good. There are not many people i have used where i can’t remember or think of something that was a problem but they fall into that category. Their pricing plans are pretty good though they as well do the intro pricing propaganda. Their website is much cleaner and well organized then’s website. For a beginner, I would definitely suggest using 1and1’s services as they are easy to manage and set up, not to mention they will, like most providers, give you a free domain name for a year. – They where pretty good, but are no longer around, my account with them was transferred over to Just Host. – Well now we are to…. First of all, my experience with them makes it a flat out no, no I would not recommend them to anyone. But that is just my experience with them as my account was “Migrated” to them from eHost. But I will give you some basic facts and them show you my reason for saying no to them. The facts, I had an account at ehost and domain name that was transferred over to JustHost and my domain was going to expire so i needed to renew it. And now I’ll let you see and decide for yourself on the reason i decided they are a no.

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Amazon EC2 – This is a very functional and expandable solution, though i have to warn you, if you are a beginner web host or not very tech savvy you may have some issues configuring your server. I am not even entirely sure that amazon publicizes this as a hosting solution but it is what you are viewing my sites on right now. They have an introductory offer as well, but they offer a year of basic service for free. Those details can be found here. And they have some of the by far most competitive term pricing as well, I use a T2.Micro Instance (Don’t need much) and a 3 yr instance at that level costs (For now) $116. They do also offer to be you domain name provider too and well just about everything else, On a plus side, for me at-least, you can even pay for your services with your amazon store/credit card. My opinion is that Amazon’s AWS Services are best in class and affordability as long as you have a little knowledge or a great troubleshooter.

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